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We have decided to put the project on pause, for the safety of our team members and partners.

Here's is where we go next:

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LAFORGE Optical Statement on COVID-19

July 15, 2020

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What We Learned: Focus Groups for SocialFLO v0.1.0

July 14, 2017

Easy to Use

I think any company’s goal should be to make their product simple and easy to use, and in that respect SF v0.1.0 was a success. However, more than a couple of our focus group members described the prototype as “basic”. They wanted more out of the app than what we were showing them. For example, when adjusting the length of time a notification would be displayed, we originally had ‘one slider to rule them all’. Since then, many users have requested the ability to individually control each notifications’ duration of display . This additional control feature benefits the user who needs to tweak their settings on a micro-level -- reading a song name in Shazam may take less time than, say, a text message.

We did uncover some confusing inconsistencies in our language. For example, one user stated “a status is something I read, and setting is something I change”. We’ve resolved similar issues in the current version. Additionally, there were some areas of semantical confusion. For example, “brightness” has now been changed to “eyewear brightness” and “eyewear information” has now been changed to “about eyewear” -- some people were getting “eyewear information” confused with notifications.


Not Very Powerful

Piggybacking on the previous section, there were many members’ comments on what to do with this app after initial setup. Though socialFLO is a companion app that stores settings for our digital eyewear and augmented reality products, its design was intended to be based more on the ‘settings side’ rather than the ‘companion side’. Some even said that they would view themselves as 'power users' and they would feel somewhat left out. For example, when it comes to the mod store many wanted the ability to search for mods (yes, we left out search), and the ability to scroll through suggested mods rather having to click “more”. Some wanted a bit more configurability than what we had to offer. Others suggested we show more information on the home screen, such as battery charge and connectivity. We are now rethinking the app and making changes to it so that is more of a companion app. Expect a major change to this in v0.1.2

 Contrast Issues with Older Eyes

LAFORGE Optical is a young company, run by “young dudes”, in a young field, but what about those “old guys” whose eyes have taken in years of experience? We needed to make changes -- our "Grey, on dark grey, on black" theme was proving a challenge for some of our members. In v0.1.1, we have made the background darker on the home screen and left it the same on other screens as a way to A-B test this change. We also changed the font and increased the size of text, and made the buttons on the home screen a shade of white. Additionally, in certain settings menus, we made the background of selectable items darker.