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Matthew B
Feb 18

Lock-in Glasses Status?


Hey guys,


Has anyone received their lock-in glasses lately or had any contact regarding them?


I've locked in mine back in September with phantom lenses and with the intention of participating in the future experiments. I gave 2 frame choices originally, then provided another 3 a day later after being notified they were low in stock, so 5 choices overall.


However I haven't heard anything back since December, even after asking for an update from alpha@laforgeoptical.com multiple times.


I'm not really in a rush, but like I said i'd like to participate in the experiments. So anybody have an update?





Mosea Manna
Feb 20Edited: Feb 20

Hey Matthew, myself and a bunch of other guys on here received the lock-in glasses. I locked in my eyeware late January of 2018, sent my Pupil Distance measurements off via email May 1st, and I received it early September 2018. As for the email you're contacting -- I don't want to speak on behalf of Laforge as to what the official email is (because I don't remember lol), but it looks like all of my correspondence with them has been through info@laforgeoptical.com and not alpha@laforgeoptical.com.

According to to the timeline above...I wanna say that you'd have yours soon, but I'd try fwding your email to that other email and seeing if someone at Laforge will help you out with a confirmation of your lock-in giftware.

Jan K.
Feb 23

I wrote to them in Sept, asking what's up, as I locked in early 2018 and sent my prescription in April after Laforge requested it. They replied that they're waiting for a supply of frames... no contact since then

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