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Tony Loman
Dec 15, 2017

How to change prescription?


I need to change the prescription I provided in early 2017. How do I do that?

Josh Quillin [Mod]
Dec 16, 2017

Hi Tony,


The prescription uploading system is currently unavailable. Not to worry though, you will receive an email before your order is fulfilled asking you to confirm your prescription. You can change it at that time, or once the upload system is back up and functioning. Corey will let everyone know when it is; at that time, you can login to your account at laforgeoptical.com to add your newest prescription.


Hope this helps!

Dan Guy
Feb 21, 2018

I'd like to change my prescription before I lock in my pre-order and get a pair of non-tech glasses with the wrong lenses. How do I do that?!

Dan Guy
Feb 21, 2018

Never mind, I see in the "survey" that I email my prescription. I should have checked the link first.


Doubly so, because I didn't realize that you couldn't choose from the actual frames. I don't want any of those frames, I want the frames I ordered (albeit without the tech) so that I can get used to them. What a crock.

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