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Corey | Founder |
Jun 8, 2017

FAQ Mega-Thread! (Last updated 5/20/17)



Hello everyone! This thread is dedicated to answering questions about Shima. Hopefully we can cover everything that anyone could possibly want to know.



Q: How can I find out when my Alpha eyewear will ship?

A: Once shipping begins, there will be a regularly updated Google Docs spreadsheet showing Invoice Numbers paired with their estimated shipping dates. Stay tuned for when it goes live.


Q: Well, where can I find my Invoice Number?

A: Head over to laforgeoptical.com and login. Click on "Order History" to the left, then click the "PDF" link for a copy of your invoice. The Invoice Number is at the top right of the document.


Q: Can I change my Alpha style/color before it has been shipped?

A: Please send an email to alpha@laforgeoptical.com (info@laforgeoptical.com if the alpha email isn't working yet) to update your style or color. The starting colors you may choose from are Red, Black, Brown, and Brushed Metal. Stay tuned for pictures of the different options.


Q: What’s the difference between Rev 1, Rev 2, and Rev 3?

A: The purpose of Rev 1 (Revision 1) is to demonstrate Shima's ability to display notifications from your smartphone in your field of vision. Rev 2 will feature design improvements and a modest set of new features. Rev 3 will include more design improvements, as well as water resistance and turn-by-turn navigation. More details are forthcoming.


Q: How can I find updates on the Shima project?

A: Check back here at the forum, and/or wait for Corey’s emails. We're working on making a blog page with all of the archived emails and updates Corey has already sent out last year.


Q: Will Shima Alpha Edition have a camera?

A: No, no it will not. Rev 1, 2, and 3 are all Alpha editions, and will not have cameras. The Beta Bold edition will be the first with a camera.


Q: Which smart phones/platforms will Shima Alpha Edition work on?

A: Shima Alpha will support Windows Mobile, iOS, and Android.


Q: Will we be able to pair our Shima spectacles with multiple smartphones? -duusboolsen

A: Yes, although not at the same time. Shima is a Bluetooth peripheral that displays info and graphics sent by the phone. Like most other BT devices, you can pair them to as many phones and computers as you like, though only one can be connected at a time. So if you were to pair your Shima with your Windows phone, you could then shut off the Bluetooth feature and be able to pair your Shima with your Android phone. For future switching, you then would just need to turn off Bluetooth (or the phone's power), and select Shima from the Bluetooth device list on the other phone to swap it over.

Adam DB
Aug 6, 2017

Perhaps worth looking at supporting full Windows 10 as well, considering that MS have promised full Windows on ARM processors in the near future. I for one could easily imagine ditching my smartphone for a 6" full Windows device with phone capabilities...

Oct 11, 2017

Quick question, when I purchased the alpha edition it never asked me for my eye measurements. Is this only a requirement for the beta bold? I just don't want to get it and not be able to use it.

New Posts
  • Corey | Founder |
    Apr 11

    Just going to drop some images of the latest prototype. I will discuss this in more detail in the next episode of "Don't Ask When". The painted ones below were originally meant for Earl D. and Kyle L. but due to a minor wiring issue we're gonna keep these and send them out an improvement. The eyewear you see below are latest iteration and serve as more of a fitment test. The black piece that looks like it holding the lenses is actually a frame cover. The next iteration will have this piece be brought in closer to he actual frame front (this will reduce visual mass). The temples are pretty much set design-wise, we are very pleased with how these came out. We are going to make them a little longer so they aren't as tight on the ears. These samples represent content that was custom designed by the LAFORGE team in California (our previous prototypes were a combination of exiting eyewear, custom components, and some off-the-shelf stuff). The frames are laser cut stainless steel (production will probably be laser cut titanium). Everything that is painted black was 3D printed (production will initially be injection molded plastic and later down the road some parts will be made from acetate). With exception to the laser cut, 3D printed parts, and the PCB, this was handbuilt. The lenses were hand cast & hand cut, this was hand painted, hand wired, and the frames were hand formed (shaped). These took a bit longer to assemble than I would have liked and future version will feature some hand welds to simplify assembly. LMK your thoughts. Thanks for the support thus far!
  • Steven W
    Apr 7, 2018

    is laforge still looking into adding Kopin’s whisper technology to the glasses?
  • Mladen Vrlec
    Oct 6, 2017

    is it possible to use single lens not as a current product line but as a inexpensive way to get to future costumers, for my invention I need single lens that displays icons I come today across your glass, it will work fine without internet inside glasses ( much cheaper) wired to pocket device ( small computer with long life battery) But technically I have no idea if your lens work as mono display