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Corey | Founder |
Jun 8, 2017

Water Resistance & Battery Life


I am not sure if this is were I should be posting the inquiry and eventual feedback, so if I'm wrong, please move my post to the appropriate category.


I know it has already been touched on but I wanted to see if my concerns could either be allayed or clarified.


What options are LaForge looking into to possibly solve the "running glasses under running water" as a cleaning method? I know my case may be the outlier, but I get flour on my current glasses daily. It comes with my job. If I don't run the lenses (specifically just the lenses) under running water before cleaning it normally, I'd either get scratched lenses or "tasty" dough lenses. I would love to have LaForge glasses just be my everyday glasses but this is the one area of concern that has me seriously worried for my intents and purposes.


How long is the battery for these glasses going to be between the Alpha (18 hours) to Final Beta Bold (possible increase?)?

I know that the recharge time is 30 minutes and predicted battery life is 18 hours under "normal use", but is 18 hours a "best" case, "average" case, "worst" case scenario? I guess I'm just trying to find out how the product was tested to determine a 18 hour battery life and to predict how well that would match my usage. For example, I never use my GPS (never really needed to). So a frequently updating data display like speed/directions/weather isn't necessary for me. But if we are talking about texts/emails/instant notifications, I'm easily in the 3 digits there.

The other concern was that, even though I think a 30 minute recharge cycle is great, if my glasses drained in the middle of my work, 30 minutes can be a squinty blurry hell for me and my customers. So if there is an intended improvement on either the recharge cycle or battery life, it would benefit the product and end users (my back up plan was to make sure I keep the Alpha glasses and just rotate sync/charge them so I'm never left blind).



Jul 1, 2017

Glad to have gotten my original account back to me.


I do have a follow up question on the glasses. In other posts I have stated that I look forward to these glasses to simply help me with my everyday labors in the food industry (I require frequent access my phone or smart watch, and thusly, have to wash my hands just as frequently).


What are the operational temperatures and will temperature fluctuations be an issue. Specifically, I do inventory as part of my job. And unfortunately, that means intermittently diving into a freezer walk-in of -2F (Just to be clear, not a typo. Negative 2 degrees), and walking back out to room temperature of 74F.


Will there be a risk of the material contracting and expansion, causing damage to the housing, lens, and/or the lens display?

Josh Quillin [Mod]
Oct 6, 2017

CJ, I don't think there will be, but I'm sure we'll be happy to hear the results of your testing either way when Alpha is out!


- This is one of many posts that were corrupted back in early June. At this point, I think it's unlikely that the original comments and answers will ever be recovered. Please consider this topic closed, and start a new post if you have a similar question or input so we can try and go over things again.

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