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Adam DB
Sep 1, 2018

Thoughts on the opt-in test glasses

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Edited: Sep 1, 2018

So, I received my test glasses the other day. Yay! Having fiddled around with them for a couple of days, these are my observations:


Like Brett Taylor, I find that my glasses are slightly too small. I know these aren´t the Shimas, but it does beg the question if the difference in size of human heads has been considered during the design process?


About the phantom lenses themselves, I have a positive comment and a few negative ones…


The positive: Having worn the glasses for an hour straight, I can say that the phantom lens will indeed blend into the background; as soon as you´re not actively looking for it, you really don´t notice it.


The negative: The phantom lens is larger than what I expected, and to make matters worse, the glass surrounding the lens distorts, so the area it effects is an extra millimeter around the entire lens. This makes a BIG difference when viewed close up from the inside; I suspect the visuvisualvisuvisual impimpact of the lens would be greatly reduced if it was more cleanly embedded. Combined with impurities/airpockets in the glass surrounding the lens, this means that the end result is rather messy - it basically looks like the phantom lens was fired into the glasses at high speed, and embedded itself. It even has a tiny protrusion on the front of the glass!

Another negative aspect has to do with the size of the glasses. Again, I kno these aren´t the real Shimas, but the fact remains that the glasses sit so high on my nose that the phantom lens is raised a few millimeters in regards to my pupil - I can´t help but wonder if this will have an effect on the image being projected to my eye…?


A final thought: The lens being as visible as it is when you actually focus on it, and being located in the exact spot that we´re expecting the images to be, what will the end result be? I at least find it hard to look at the lens and not try to focus on it (approx. 1 cm), so will that effect the reflected image, which is supposed to "hover" half a meter away? With this particular lens at least, the images will hover on top of a blurred out background at best.


Below are some photos to illustrate...



Like the frames, but they´re a bit too narrow for my face...


Impurities and airbubbles galore!


Lens offset in regards to pupil. Problem?



See that protrusion? The manufacturing process needs some refinement!




Dan Guy
Sep 1, 2018

Don't like the bubbles! I know these are only alpha demo glasses, but I would have liked the QC to be on par with what we'd expect from production by this point...

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