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Adam DB
Aug 4, 2017



Another hardware question...


As per your FAQ, you're planning on releasing sunglass-versions of the Shima Beta. However, photochromic lenses seem to be out of the question for now, as per a secondary topic...


Personally, I think the big market is in sunglasses, which can be used by everyone, whereas many people will feel ackward using a pair of non-prescription clear-lens glasses. The problem with sunglasses, of course, is that they're less than ideal indoors or on an overcast day...


For that same reason I prefer Oliver Peoples sunglasses; in my experience, their photochromic lenses are uniquely versatile and effective. Indoors, the tint is slight enough for them to be easily usable, and the transition when you step into the sun is near instantaneous as far as I can tell. The point being that I think Laforge ought to take a second look at the tech; I for one would take a pair of Shimas with OP's photochromic lenses over anything else any day!

Josh Quillin [Mod]
Aug 4, 2017Edited: Aug 4, 2017

Just took a look at their site. They melt down glass and mix it with various other materials to achieve different colors and photochromity in their proprietary lenses. Adding an exactly sized and placed prism/bubble in glass without compromising the integrity of the lens (not to mention grinding it down into a prescription) or without it breaking isn't going to happen with Shima.


Using different colors of solid polymer instead of clear in the process of custom lens forging is one thing, but applying a photochromic polymer film that won't de-laminate easily is another. So too would be developing a polymer that contained the silver molecules and what-all-else it takes to make it photochromic. Either would take time and funds that would need quite a bit of interest and support to initiate for a future product.


I don't see why you think people will feel awkward wearing non-prescription clear lens glasses. It means you can still see fine indoors and outdoors, and you have your AR HUD. Nothing wrong with telling anyone curious about Shima, or just that your vision has gotten a little worse if it's not something you want to share. I really don't think someone starting to wear glasses would come up with that many people you see everyday anyway. Clip-on sunglasses and sunglasses designed to be put on over top of other glasses are also options for those like myself who don't wear sunglasses hardly ever and don't want to buy Shima sunglasses.


Thanks for your input!

Adam DB
Aug 4, 2017

Thanks for the detailed info! There's obviously lots of tech involved in the creation of lenses that I have no understanding of, so it's nice to hear an explanation as to why something seemingly do-able isn't feasible irl. A shame of course, but that's life...


Putting it very bluntly, wearing sunglasses increases your cool-factor; wearing clear glasses decreases it. There's a reason contact lenses is such a huge market! Take the Snapglasses - only available as sunglasses... Of course, things can change over time, and smartglasses could very well be a factor in changing this perception, but as things are right now, it will be a whole lot easier to convince people without vision impairment to don a pair of smart sunglasses than a set of non-prescription clear smart glasses. Clip-on sunglasses are certainly an option, but fall into the same geeky/only-by-neccesity category...

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