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Josh Quillin [Mod]
Aug 27, 2018

Shima Lock-in Glasses Unboxing


Edited: Aug 27, 2018

Yo! Just got my own pair of "Lock-in" glasses, made an unboxing video for you and took some pictures. No issues with frame size for me with the Frame 10 and PD of 65. If these have a phantom display in either lens, I actually can't tell. So if so, kudos to making it invisible!








Shane Muncy
Aug 27, 2018

nah man i've had my lock in glasses for a couple weeks now and they actually do have the Phantom Display in the right lens, trust me you'd know if you got the PD lenses or not cause it's a pretty obvious black rectangle embedded in the lens, i got frame style 8 for mine and i didn't have any trouble with the fit either, i'll have to take some pics of mine when i get off work today.

Adam DB
Aug 27, 2018

Did you by any chance order a pair without Phantom Lenses? Perhaps by mistake…?

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