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Steven W
Dec 4, 2018

RIT partnership


Corey and the laforge team, can you give the backers a little more insite into the RIT partnership? Will these speed along the production of the glasses we ordered? Will there be some additional or enhanced features under the new partnership? how much of laforges resources are going to be devoted to the new partnership/project and will this delay the release of the glasses or speed it up?


all the best.



Corey | Founder |
Dec 4, 2018

Hey Steven,

The partnership is under the guise of a project proposal for the USAF. This project is an extension of other stuff we've been working on in the background. It started out as "20%" project late last year. It has no effect on the head-up display/AR product we previously announced. Any resources from this would be solely from funds by the US government, if our proposal was accepted. The long and the short of it is that we are taking parts that are already designed and customizing for a new application where style is not an over-arching concern.

Dan Guy
Dec 4, 2018

Sounds exciting! I hope the proposal is successful.

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