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Kenny Golden
Jul 31, 2017

Question from a Legacy Buyer

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Edited: Jul 31, 2017

" Legacy orders are orders that occurred before LAFORGE Optical was incorporated in October 2014. The orders are from an earlier product called "Icis" that was scrapped. Legacy pre-order holders have the highest level of status in our system. Legacy pre-order holders will also receive items first in future product releases no matter when they order. "


Does this mean I get rev 1, 2, and 3 versions? I am very clumsy when it comes to frames so more is better.


Also I am glad they decided to switch up the UI to more of an augmented reality instead of just a smart watch over your eyes like Icis was supposed to be. Good work guys.

Corey | Founder |
Aug 3, 2017

Legacy orders are at the front of the queue. Some will get rev 1, most will rev 2. Either can choose to delay to rev 3.

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