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Peter Malone
Mar 28, 2018

Pre-order lock-in


Did anyone else almost miss the pre-order lock in email?


I'm glad I went back and checked for details in my updates, because I saw the pre-order lock-in and was able to take the survey selecting my preferences. Now it's been about a month and a half and I've received email contact to ensure I have up-to-date address and prescription information. I think my preorder is mid 200's, so I know the alpha and Beta-bold have a lot of people to make it out to before me.


It would appear things are still progressing forward whatever else may be happening. I know lot of people are waiting for an update.


Also, I've elected to wait until rev2.


Has anyone else? When I emailed to let them know, the response to my request to wait came quickly, like well within a day.

John Rothstein
Mar 29, 2018Edited: Mar 29, 2018

I won't call it "progressing forward" if nothing is moving. We aren't getting any project update since December, let alone anywhere near receiving the Alpha. It's not normal for a project to not update its backer on the production progress. Vue update their backers every month and they still get a TON of hate and angry response when they announce a delay. Laforge on the other hand, delayed their schedule without even updating us on anything about where they are at on production for 4 months now and on top of that, every "goal" Corey set out like "showing the videos", "additional blog post explaining how we are doing rev0-3 in close succession" and basically anything that involves meeting the "set date" NEVER come true. Laforge loves to miss deadline so much that whenever they set a date or even an estimated date, it will 100% never happen on the day that they've set it on. (So far nothing from Laforge happens on time, so I dare say 100%)


One thing I will truly never understand is WHY does these tech project never want to over estimate their delivery date. For example, if they are set to deliver on February, why don't they just add a few months additional allowance for some unforeseen delay. The backers would be so happy if they would deliver before the estimation date and the backers would also not suffer the emotional pain of hearing bad news over and over.

Peter Malone
Apr 2, 2018

I understand that you have your concerns.


Wouldn't you rather give them the benefit of the doubt?


My point, was that it would seem they have prioritized productivity. That they value focus, drive, and seem to be dedicated to their work ahead of outside communication does not cause me any feeling of unease. Quite the opposite in fact.


The updates are nice. They've always been a little extraneous, but nice.


From the perspective of someone who knows what it's like, I can relate to being absorbed in your work with the power to make unilateral decisions over all matters. It's way too easy to neglect what might be extra to the to the work.


From our last update, laforge was very clear that the situation was increasing in complexity. I'm not going to become disappointed that this extra complexity and the need for decision-making has caused a delay in communication. Seems more like the cart is following the horse just as it should be.


Which brings me back to my original statement. They seem on task, and responsive, which I will take as a good sign that things are still happening.

John Rothstein
Apr 3, 2018

Benefit of the doubt? This isn't the first time Laforge delayed a schedule, it has been freaking 3 years for me at least!! How many times "benefit of the doubt" do you think a person should give to the boy who cried wolf? How do you know they've prioritized productivity when they have not even showed us anything? If you look at the popular tech projects on kickstarter, they update their backers every month, not just on what they are doing but on the production and even backed it up with video + photo evidence, yet those projects are still getting huge amount of backlashes from the backers after the 3rd delay announced.


The updates are not nice, since December till today, they've not talk about where they are at the production phase, what problem they have encountered or even why they have delayed the shipment. Posts like "Companies rely on CG", Socialflo SDK, Patent and Reboot experiment 2 aren't even of any relevance to the backers so how are the backers actually being updated for the past 4 months? And worst of all every time when I see a time frame being given, like "expect roll out of Experiment 2 in the coming weeks", I know it ain't happening. They've missed almost every dateline that whatever estimates they give is basically an extra meaningless sentence to the post. At this point, the only time I believe Laforge is going to deliver the Alpha is when they literally video tape a person standing in the post office and actually posting the packages cause other than that, during the X day, it will be another big disappointment and worst of all, no updates or anything to follow up and the confusion, anger, anxiety, doubt and stress starts all over again.

Ringo Apple
Apr 6, 2018

I have no doubt that Laforge would release an update sooner or later but one thing is for sure though, don't bother looking forward to whatever estimated delivery date they are going to give cause you will get pissed when the day comes, nothing is delivered and everything stays quiet for a few months before another update comes. At this point, I think I am just paying $610 on updates every quarter for the feeling of "it's so close I can taste it". Well, that is what Josh Quillin would say. Josh, if you are reading this, I bet you've never expected that you've waited for almost 1 year now when you said "they hype is real, it's so close it's like days!" mid last year.


It's like you've just paid for an Iron Man suit, you know it does not exist and you know you will not get it but the person you paid the money to made up such detailed story and plan that it is worth it just to constantly dream about it and living in that fantasy world day in and day out, just wondering how long till I get bored with the supplier not meeting the company excuse XD.

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