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Heath Alphin
Jul 2, 2018

Phantom Display thoughts and discussion.


Just recieved the pre-order lock in pair with phantom display and I must admit, the build quality is quite nice. Nice and sturdy metal frame with precise fit and lightweight. The phantom display was a bit daunting to look at, seeing how big it looked on the glasses themselves. But only one person has noticed them so far and even I struggle to see it while wearing them and looking in a mirror. While wearing them the display is noticable, but not distracting. Though it does reflect like easily which can make it slightly annoying in brightly lit areas. All in all I’m incredibly pleased and more eager than ever for a powered pair.

Heath Alphin
Jul 2, 2018



Paul Padilla
Jul 3, 2018

Nice! And good to hear that people are receiving product, even if they are not yet functional.


I'd love to see more photos, perhaps some of you [or a willing volunteer] wearing them in a variety of angles/distances/lighting conditions, so that we can see for ourselves just how distracting/noticeable they may be for other people.

Adam DB
Jul 7, 2018

Good to hear from more people receiving their opt-in test glasses! I hope mine aren't too far off now; I can't wait to get a hands-on feel for the phantom display!


As for how other people react to the display, that doesn't worry me much; an initial reaction to new tech is always to be expected, and will eventually disappear. My main concern is how distracting the display is in everyday situations. Will my eyes constantly shift focus? Will they cause a blind spot?

Patrick Campaign
Jul 19, 2018

Pretty stoked at viewing the cut styles. Can I ask which optical company is supplying the lenses?

Brett Taylor
Jul 19, 2018

Did you get an email regarding customs before receiving yours? I got a message back on June 6th, and nothing since then. "Your eyewear is currently being held in customs; we are working through the logistics to get your glasses released and prepared for shipment to you promptly."

Heath Alphin
Jul 19, 2018

I did in fact receive that exact same email on the sixth of June.

Jul 30, 2018

I got that same email and have never received anything..

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