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Apr 10

Optional Camera?



I'm a 2 year pre-order customer now, and I know there is some time until the beta but I was wondering if the camera is an optional thing. How are you going to combat things like privacy and security? Is the camera obvious enough to get people to glare at you in the bathroom? These are scenarios I'd much rather avoid and would be will to sacrifice some features that I don't use anyway. (I'm not a nostalgic person and only find my self taking pictures on occasion).

Thank you,

A huge enthusiast of the future.

Dan Guy
Apr 10

If I want to take creep shots of people in the bathroom, I can buy a dozen different types of tiny cameras for cheap from China. I think that the "danger" of smart glasses with cameras is super over-rated. Hopefully the camera in Shima is subtle enough that no one will notice it and make a needless fuss.

Corey | Founder |
Apr 10

These are complicated issues that we are going to be exploring. In short, our strategy has been in minimizing the footprint of the camera. Though cameras are ubiquitous these days, the concern about being spied on in compromising positions or areas are one that are of great concern. One could look at this issue and say that any person could use any camera device and turn it into a spy device where are as others could say that we are perhaps creating a new way to be nefarious.


I think social norms will dictate this out. For example, glaring at someone is not socially acceptable and to record someone with device requires having your head pointed at them (which is basically staring, which also not socially acceptable). We will included a light that blinks when the camera is on. In some countries it will be on and cannot be shut off (while recording), in others it will be opt-out, and others still, opt-in. My goal is to make sure that these aren't used in nefarious ways and it may come down to geo-fencing certain sensitive buildings or private spaces in buildings.

Apr 10Edited: Apr 10

Thank you for your quick responses. The bathroom scenario was supposed to be a funny example but I guess those are legitimate concerns. The blinking light is a great idea. Thanks for some clarity.

Adam DB
Apr 11

Google Glass showed the pitfalls of a camera lens permanently pointing the way you're looking. That said, the public attitude to ever-present cameras has changed significantly since then - the example with public bathrooms is the only one I can think of, save for something like company/workplace privacy. The activity indication light seems prudent.

OTOH, I think you'd miss out on many potential functions if you opted out of cameras completely.

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