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Jan 2, 2018

Next Update Time Estimate


Hi there!


In December I placed an order for the Alpha. While I know that this process will take some time, I know that the website specified (On the info page for pre-order customers) that there would be an update in December 2017. As it is now past that time frame, I was wondering when we can expect to hear the next wave of news and information.



Kyle Luxenberger
Jan 2, 2018

There was a December update on the 10th. Next should be in January sometime.

Ringo Apple
Jan 3, 2018Edited: Jan 3, 2018

It's awfully quiet these days. From the December updates :

1) The first 30 (Rev 0) supposed to go out in a few weeks up till January, not sure if any units were shipped out since we would not know but based on no news can be found about rev 0 on the net, I assume either the 30 backers does not want to share their experience or none of the units shipped out yet.

2) "Quite a number of mods" were supposed to be reviewed and was said to check back to socialflo.com later December for it but the site looks the same?

3) Pre-order lock in, supposedly first shipments to go out later December or during first week of January but non of us even got an e-mail about the lock-in or confirmation of address so I guess no shipment is done despite the latest for it to be shipped is during first week of January.

4) Still no production pictures or anything to indicate anything has been done yet though. It's a bit weird since Laforge pride itself to be one of the most transparent company but updates doesn't seem to be on time and updates are just statements on what they are going to do.


I saw quite a few questions raised with regards to the December update statements but no answer from Laforge. I'm feeling quite skeptical now seeing nothing has been fulfilled or done so far, just promises and then when backers starts asking for an update, a new update comes out to say it is delayed again with no actual reason behind it.

Earl Driscoll
Jan 7, 2018

I am one of the "30!" In fact I am number 10...

No word yet about shipment.

I was in fact contacted to confirm shipping address several weeks ago.

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