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Jan K.
Sep 15, 2018

lock-in glasses and alphas

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Edited: Sep 15, 2018


I'm somewhat confused by how the order and shipments are to work. I've been contacted by Laforge over 3 months ago regarding my lock-in glasses, and since then it's quiet.

I now see that you're sending out the first alphas, which is awesome, although I'm far down the list. I also haven't recieved any update about this on email, has that form of communication/updates stopped?


Have the lock-in glasses stopped being shipped?



Corey | Founder |
Sep 17, 2018

Hi Jan,

We are still shipping gift eyewear. We've been making our communication more precise and have only been contacting people once we need something specifically from them. If you hadn't received anything it more than likely means we just haven't gotten to you yet.

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