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Oct 11, 2017

Lens Spacing


I have a quick question about lens spacing, when I ordered the alpha I never entered any eye measurments. I was just wondering if this was a requirement for the beta bold only or if I missed something. I just don't want the glasses to get here and I can't use them.

Josh Quillin [Mod]
Oct 20, 2017

When asked a while back, Corey said that everyone will get an email asking for them to confirm their prescriptions and other personal details like their Pupillary Distance and shipping info.

Corey | Founder |
Oct 23, 2017

This is requirement for all of our eyewear that has a display.

New Posts
  • Dan Guy
    Oct 15

    It's awful. I have to re-login constantly. The notifications bell drop-down doesn't work anymore. There's no good way to view the newest posts. The formatting is annoying, injecting styling for which I never asked and do no want. I could go on.
  • Mosea Manna
    Oct 15

    Hey Laforge/Corey, any way I could stop by and check the place out? 👀 Came up from Texas for a weekend trip and remembered you were up here.
  • infomativearchitect
    Oct 14

    To anyone receiving prototypes or alphas interested in application-development, testing and deployment feel free to reach-out.