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Kyle Luxenberger
May 24, 2018

In Person Meet and Greet


So on Monday I had the privilege to sit down with Corey and Juan (CEO and COO) from LaForge to look at the past models of the technology and to see the evolution of the company. I got to try on the past models and see what was and was impressed on what I was able to see despite the glasses not being my PD. I look forward to when this product becomes available. Hearing the issues and roadblocks Corey had (and still is) fighting through, I'm impressed with how far he has come in this project.


I took some pictures of things Corey brought

To those who think Corey may be a stock image on the internet, a cardboard cutout or a made up person, I can tell you first had this is not the case.

This is the evolution of the glasses. The very top glasses are the pair my wife received. The first pair here ran a basic version of Android and cost between $10k-$15k. Seeing the cost we paid, the prices have come way down.



As you can see that the screen doesn't line up but I was able to move them around to see the display.


These are the pair that people didn't like the placement of the hinge. They were also really heavy. I am glad these were reworked. I wouldn't mind the hinge but the material needed changing.

These are the new reworked glasses. I believe Corey has called these Rev0.2. Super light weight and these have the electronics in them. They were as light, if not lighter than a normal pair of glasses. The PD can look just like a reflection.

The part on top is the touch side of the electronics and the black part is the display.


I'm fortunate enough to live close enough to the project location so I was able to meet in person. Thank you Corey and Juan for meeting with me.

Adam DB
May 25, 2018

Great to see the gear in the hands/on the face of a "civilian"... Was the display functional on that last pair, and if so, can you give us a layman's description of the experience?

Kyle Luxenberger
May 25, 2018

Two answers to that question. Yes it was functional but no I didn't experience it. These were the pair that Corey showed us before. They got a bit more damaged since then and the battery was not charged. The USB-C port was broken and when I showed up to meet with them, he was in his car trying to Frankenstein a way to charge them in his car but wasn't able to get a good enough charge for me to try them. Due to them not being my PD I would have had to move them around the eye to line it up and wouldn't get the experience your asking about.


He did have a loose lense with the current PhantomDisplay and its interesting that when you line it up with your eye, he put his phone up to where the display would be and you could see part of the phone screen. Not the whole screen, just the part that lined up but it's proof that an image being displayed at the side of the lense will go though it, bounce on the PhantomDisplay and you can see it. Something that hasn't been done before. It's pretty impressive.

Adam DB
May 25, 2018

Bummer! You'll have to get a new appointment when they've got a functioning pair up and running! :-)




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