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Adam DB
Jul 28, 2017

Hinge design

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So, back in January you described a change in hinge design, going for a slimmer, more elegant solution. We haven't seen any more on this, and all photos since as well as prototypes demonstrated during the Experiment 1 Skype interview have featured the "old" style glasses with wide hinges. Is this still a feature that you're working on, and if so, at which stage can we expect to see it implemented? Alpha rev 1, 2 or 3? Or perhaps not untill Beta?



Corey | Founder |
Aug 3, 2017

Rev1 will have a different hinge design, but not the one I described in that update. The one I described may show up in Rev2 or Rev3. The later revs of alpha are going to start using some beta parts. So people will see alpha evolve into beta.

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    4 days ago

    Hi, I just wondered if we will have any updates soon? Thank you! Sincerely, tom
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