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Scott Brown
Jan 30, 2018

Frame Sizes

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Thank you for the offer form of the free prescription glasses. Before I can make a choice can you please provide the frame sizes? I am assuming there are differences between the different frames and I would like to select the best possible fit. I will email this question as well but am uncertain of how to elicit the most efficient response.


Happy to continue waiting patiently.

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  • Dan Guy
    Oct 15

    It's awful. I have to re-login constantly. The notifications bell drop-down doesn't work anymore. There's no good way to view the newest posts. The formatting is annoying, injecting styling for which I never asked and do no want. I could go on.
  • Mosea Manna
    Oct 15

    Hey Laforge/Corey, any way I could stop by and check the place out? 👀 Came up from Texas for a weekend trip and remembered you were up here.
  • infomativearchitect
    Oct 14

    To anyone receiving prototypes or alphas interested in application-development, testing and deployment feel free to reach-out.