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Matthew B
Jul 25

Don't Ask When Episode #7 Discussion


Hey guys, been a couple days since episode #7 was released, wanted to hear your thoughts.


For me, it was nice to see such an improvement over the last revision, looking much cleaner. Would have been nice to see you or someone wear them though. Give us a sense of scale and fit.


@Corey | Founder | Perhaps you could throw them on and snap a couple pics? Also during the video you mentioned that the frame is one from the lock-in glasses. Which one and also what's happening with those? I have yet to receive mine and I've locked in over a year ago and provided about 6 frame choices.


Also, with your goal of having the alphas into our hands by the end of the year, when are your plans to show us some live functionality? As i'd assume we would see it before the glasses start shipping in large numbers, and we're coming up on August.


Overall though, a good update. Keep up the good work guys, exciting stuff

Dan Guy
Jul 26

I'm always excited to have an update.


The glasses look cool. I assume those are just frames with none of the internals, because those hinges don't look like they could be hiding any wiring. I'm more interested in seeing functioning prototypes than frame designs.

Adam DB
Jul 26

I also really enjoyed the update, and although I - unlike Matthew - have already received the lock-in glasses, I'm also curious about the progress.





Dan, the tech is all in the arms of the glasses; the frames just hold the phantom display. Excluding the camera, of course, but I think that's still some way off.


Basically, I'm just hoping one of the first Alphas to reach a customer goes to one of the active forum members; I think we'd all appreciate the quick reflections/review that would likely elicit!


Dan Guy
Jul 26

I know that the tech is primarily in the arms, but it still has to connect to the prism embedded in the lens. The current hinges show no provision for such a connection, but, then, we know that the current hinges are not the real thing. I'm just saying that I'd rather being seeing working prototypes, at this point, than nonfunctional design samples. I'm sure that early alphas will go to the faithful, active, vocal forum members.... ^_^

Adam DB
Jul 27

@Dan Guy Hi Dan! No, the prism is just that; a prism that reflects the image from the tiny projector in the arm(s). The camera is the only connected component in the frame.

Dan Guy
Jul 27

@Adam DB The frames are everything but the lenses.


The projectors are, as I understand it, positioned within the frames (internally) sitting just outside of the lenses. It's as if you took Google Glass and shrunk it so that the prism was embedded in the lens and the projector arm was embedded inside the frames, as opposed to a device like Focals by North where there is a projector attached to the frames externally that projects onto the lens from behind.


For that to work, the projector hardware has to be mounted in the corners of the face of the frames. We've seen the projector in videos. There were some posts and, I think, a video about how they refined where the arms connect to the frame to slim down the space needed and enable a more normal appearance. This requires that components run from the corners of the face to the arms. The prototype shown in this video has a wide gap between the two and a temporary hinge made of bent metal and a bolt. As Corey said, that's not the actual hinge. I'm saying that, what's more, it makes it clear that this prototype is not functional.

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    Oct 15

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    Oct 15

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    Oct 14

    To anyone receiving prototypes or alphas interested in application-development, testing and deployment feel free to reach-out.