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Matthew B
Jun 3

Don't Ask When Episode #6 Discussion


Edited: Jun 3

Hey guys, episode 6 has been up for a couple days now and I haven't seen any discussion about it so I figured i'd start one. Let me hear your thoughts.


As for me, I thought it was a pretty good update. It was nice to see another alpha revision on set. Also, I think it would be awesome if we could see some sort of functionality demo at this point, even in it's most basic sense. Like how you are currently turning on the glasses, charging, and what they look like while turned on. Not the image being displayed, as I understand that's difficult to show, but just a front facing view from an observer perspective.


I also thought it was very smart to cover logistics this episode. I think this will really help some people understand the challenges Laforge has been facing and how they have been overcoming them. This should put some perspective on why things have taken time.


Also a longer Q&A would be nice to see, but overall, good update Laforge.




Dan Guy
Jun 3

I always like to see an update, especially when you show me more prototypes. I second the request for previews of the display. There's no way you don't have the software or some kind of simulator set up to show the display on the computer, right? My only complaint/suggestion is that it seemed like an inordinate amount of time and effort went it to saying, "Our original logistics plan was insanely stupid, we quickly recognized that and have imposed sanity and added fail-safes." You could have just shown me the first map with arrows going every which way and then the new map with arrows mostly going in one direction and I would have gotten the point in ten seconds rather than more than ten minutes.

Corey | Founder |
Jun 4

Hey Dan,

I agree that this one was a too long. The next one will be brief. As for showing the simulator on computer, we made a tool like this for developers and that's about it. As for the future when it comes to demoing what the eyewear will be capable of, we are holding that close to the chest. We changed something major and want to evaluate it's patentability before talking about it on video, but the long-short of it is that we will be implementing AI and increasing it's "day 1" capability. So for now, its a trade secret as we don't want give it away to competitors just yet.

Dan Guy
Jun 4

@Corey | Founder | I can understand that. I wish it wasn't so, but I can understand it.

Corey | Founder |
Jun 4

Hi Matt,

We will show how these power on in episode 7 (we filmed part of it this morning). As for more questions, we will be devoting more time to that (and I will be making my responses a bit shorter), we also need more people submitting questions as well. For the next episode, I only have like 2 or 3. I also appreciate the comments about use going into logistics it can be a bit of nightmare and an extreme challenge.

David L
Jun 4

Thanks for mentioning the update, Matthew B. For some reason YouTube didn't notify me that it had gone up. I updated the "Archive" post.


As for the update itself, I liked how often Corey got to say "redundant" (because it was redundant - get it?). It's also nice to hear mention of the lock-in glasses from time to time, since I'm still looking forward to getting those.


Major points for holding steady on the idea that there can be multiple "boats" to success in a tech space. As a consumer i'd say that no one has yet delivered a truly finished AR product. "Best to market" would be much nicer than "first to market".


Corey, are you still waiting for a call-in question or did someone already provide one?


Jun 7

Personally, I haven't really commented on the update vid because I use it to generally gauge at what stage the product is at and what direction they are going. I'm expecting another year given the recent tumultuous state of trades.


I also feel like, at this point, those who haven't left or wanted a refund, are very patient and/or understandable customers. (Logistics...I get it..super pain in the butt.)

For me, so long as my initial concerns were covered (I think I laid them out to bare about 2 years ago), I don't mind just being kept in the loop monthly. I know I can't have LaForge do anything faster. And I am in total support for bringing a useful product to market that I use everyday for years, rather than some fad technology.


The only thing that grinds my gear (and I do not blame Laforge for any of this) is IF I had the camera version of LaForge, I could've secured audio/video evidence for banning 2 people from the business area for racist/ignorant/bigoted remarks and 3 car robberies over the last year.


It's amazing how fast perps flee when they see you reaching for your phone.

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