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Thomas F
Dec 16, 2018

Don't Ask When #4 - Alpha / Beta Replacement


Edited: Dec 17, 2018

I want to point out that in don't ask when #4 it was mentioned that the Alpha pre-order glasses are to be phased out while Beta (Bold?) preorders are instead (correct me if I'm wrong) going to be delivered to customers.


When I preordered fall last year; there was quite a discussion about the many different glasses that a preorder customer was to be given (from emails I believe it was one regular prescription pair to lock-in the preorder, one pair of Alpha or Beta glasses featuring the tech working with one screen & no camera, and finally one Beta Bold version featuring two screens & a camera.


Coming from a preorder customer (like me) who has been waiting (I know I haven't waited as long as many of you, but that's why I'm asking as nobody else has addressed this concern) is if Alpha/ Beta is to be replaced with Beta (no mention of Bold in the video) then what are we actually getting with our preorders? I am expecting at least three pairs of glasses (two functional pairs) from the emails I received in Late 2017 and if people are to be fast-tracked to Beta, does that mean we (I) will be receiving two Pairs of Beta Bold?


I came her for the journey and vision that Laforge offered and have been waiting patiently to receive my first pair of Alpha glasses to help provide useful feedback for the Beta release. I've addressed concerns on this forum regarding the legitimacy of these glasses and feel if it's my job to *Troll* Laforge into doing better, then fine. I put money I would've spent on a new phone or camera lens into these glasses over a year ago and my investment hasn't appreciated as stocks or memories captured using a new lens would've.


I work for a A1 design startup out in Prague and understand the difficulty young startups have addressing deadlines. Working with hardware that difficulty compounds tenfold. That doesn't mean you leave your customers waiting for answers and in the dark about products they've already paid for, or change the agreements that have been made and sent out in emails to all us pre-order customers (without sending out another email clarifying this change no less and instead leaving it hidden in a youtube video).


I'm hoping this is just a simple mis-communication of me mis-understanding the video but with no Don't Ask When #5 out and it already being halfway though December; I mean, come on. Someone's gotta ask.


Leaving this here as a non endorsed but potentially viable replacement for these glasses https://www.bynorth.com/

Matthew B
Dec 19, 2018Edited: Dec 19, 2018

I feel like you are saying what most of us are thinking and feeling. I as well would like some more clarification on this matter. Many of us have been, and will remain to be, patient. But when the plan deviates so much that people may be receiving less, they should be kept more in the loop and know where their money is now being used.


I have faith in Laforge, and am still excited to receive any version of their glasses, but I’ve yet to even receive my lock in prescription glasses, as apparently all 5 frame options I’ve chosen are out of stock and I haven’t been asked to provide another.


I know things are probably crazy right now guys, but some timely updates or a little more communication would be much appreciated.


Jan K.
Dec 21, 2018

I've asked them on facebook a long while back and got this response.


However, given I still havent' heard much about my lock-in glasses... so I'm not even thinking about the actual alpha/bold one...



Matthew B
Dec 21, 2018

Interesting. Thanks for that, kinda clears something up a little.

Steven W
Dec 22, 2018Edited: Dec 22, 2018

How many functioning glasses have been shipped out? Have these pre-order customers been able to provide feedback? The response above, from laforge says “we are merely shipping what we have when we have it”. What do you have? are the working, functioning, ar glasses? are they “phantom” glasses? Are they the pre-order prescription glasses. The first prototype went out 2 months ago. What has happened since then? Transparency is important here. Corey, you poke fun of those of us who question your integrity when it comes to a Working prototype. In your last video, I can’t remenber your exact words but you said something about “I could just be lying“. We are simply asking you to show us what you have so far. At this point we can say for sure that the company has been able to put a light and reflect it on a lense. That’s what you have. I’m a backer, we have invested in your company. We are asking you a question. Do you have a working prototype? YES or NO?

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