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Corey | Founder |
Jun 8, 2017

Device interaction/input

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In considering possible mods to propose, I've been giving some thought to the available methods of user input and interaction.


Per the FAQ, "Shima can be controlled using physical buttons and the touchpad on the temples of the frames."


This includes:

  • Touchpad - Swipe down to change mods/widgets. Tap to select mods/widgets. Swipe back with two fingers to change panes. (source)

  • Rear button - Click to change modes. (source)

  • Front button - Click to take a picture. Hold to start recording video; click to stop. (source)

  • Accelerometer - Active mode auto-starts when you "move faster than a walking pace". Drive mode auto-starts when you exceed 17mph. (source)


The specs list the following sensors:

  • Three-axis gyroscope

  • Three-axis Accelerometer

  • Three-axis magnetometer

  • Temperature

  • Ambient light sensor

  • Five tactile buttons

  • Touchpad(s)


Additionally, there is:

  • Microphone

  • Camera

  • SocialFlo app ("Settings and configurations for our eyewear are available using the SocialFlo app on your smartphone." - source)



  1. Will mods have access to all sensors? (I assume so.)

  2. Will mods have access to raw audio from the microphone?

  3. Will ghOSt include a speech-to-text interface? Something was said elsewhere about being able to use the mic to dictate replies to texts. Will mods also be able to receive text from mic input?

  4. I've seen some interest on the forum in being able to use Shima hands-free. Are there any plans to implement a hands-free interface system-wide? Head tilts/nods or verbal commands or even hand motions using the camera?

While individual mods will hopefully be able to harness the sensors (and maybe even the mic and camera?) to work hands-free, a system-wide interface layer would simplify things considerably.


Lastly, a suggestion: One of the things that was really useful when demoing Google Glass and getting people interested in it was the ability to mirror the screen and touch interface to my phone so that I could let other people try it on, see what they were seeing, and "drive" for them, showing them cool features. If you're not already planning to do something similar in the SocialFlo app, I would highly recommend it! Besides making it easier to evangelize the device, it let me control my Glass with my phone under the table in meetings when swiping the temple would have been too obvious.


Dan Guy
Jul 2, 2017

There was a lot of really good discussion here previously. ^_^

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