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Mosea Manna
Sep 5, 2018

"Current Status: NOW SHIPPING"



New update on the order status page:

I think I'm around maybe 500-ish in queue. Long ways-away but still super excited that Laforge is closing in on their goal. Keep up the good work guys!



Kyle Luxenberger
Sep 6, 2018

I am excited for this as well. As like my other pair as soon as I get anything, I will post my initial reaction to them, as well as how they are a day or two of wearing them.

Adam DB
Sep 8, 2018

Looking forward to it, me being waaay down the line - I'm guessing somewhere around 800...

Dan Guy
Sep 8, 2018

What number are you, Kyle?

Dan Guy
Sep 8, 2018

I'm #262, so I expect it will be a while longer; it says 111 and up are likely to get Rev2, so I guess we have to get through Rev0.3, Rev0.4, Rev0.5, ...., Rev1.x before we get to that list.

Adam DB
Sep 8, 2018

Although they write Rev0.3, by their wording I'm guessing they're already shipping Rev3 glasses. Otherwise it ought to be Rev1.1, 1.2, etc....?

Dan Guy
Sep 8, 2018Edited: Sep 8, 2018

@Adam - I'm pretty sure they aren't shipping Rev3 glasses already, as that would mean that everyone who requested a delay to Rev2 should already have their glasses and everyone who declined to delay to Rev2 or Rev3 should already have their glasses.


The Order Status page says "Rev0" at the top and has buttons to request a delay to Rev2 or Rev3.


The FAQ Megathread says:

Q: What’s the difference between Rev 1, Rev 2, and Rev 3?

A: The purpose of Rev 1 (Revision 1) is to demonstrate Shima's ability to display notifications from your smartphone in your field of vision. Rev 2 will feature design improvements and a modest set of new features. Rev 3 will include more design improvements, as well as water resistance and turn-by-turn navigation. More details are forthcoming.


The Waitlist page makes it look like the first 31 people have been contacted, of which one (#3) requested a later revision, three (#1, 2, 10) are shipping in September, one VIP (#11) has already shipped, and the remaining 26 have either not yet responded or have but are simply in the queue with no given ship month.


And Corey was showing off his Rev0.2 earlier this summer, so it makes sense that the next is Rev0.3.


My guess is that they are moving cautiously, doing a small Rev0 before the announced Rev1-3.

Dan Guy
Sep 8, 2018

The December 2017 Project Update states:


I'm guessing there were some delays to their Rev0 shipping plan, but they're still taking the first 30 plus VIP(s).

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    Oct 15

    It's awful. I have to re-login constantly. The notifications bell drop-down doesn't work anymore. There's no good way to view the newest posts. The formatting is annoying, injecting styling for which I never asked and do no want. I could go on.
  • Mosea Manna
    Oct 15

    Hey Laforge/Corey, any way I could stop by and check the place out? 👀 Came up from Texas for a weekend trip and remembered you were up here.
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    Oct 14

    To anyone receiving prototypes or alphas interested in application-development, testing and deployment feel free to reach-out.