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Steven W
Aug 14, 2018

Concussion guy update.


Edited: Aug 19, 2018

For those who have been following, hopefully you get the reference to the title.


We had asked for an update a while back that would include a video of the working prototype showing the glasses in action. The laforge team had said that this would be difficult, that there wasn’t really a camera that could pick up the near optics. Not long ago (I can‘t remember where) we saw a picture of the optics from years ago with some numbers and letters showing how it would look to a wearer. So, here we are in mid August 2018 and we still have not seen video of a working prototype. My questions is this: can we get a video of a working prototype? If not, why? If there was a photo taken of the optics 4 or so years ago, certainly there is a camera that would pick up on the near optics today. laforge has said that if anyone wants to come try them on they are welcome to come to LA and do just that. When a backer went to try them on “I believe I read in his post that the “battery wasn’t charged”. Can anyone verify that they have seen a working prototype? 


Can we get a video that shows the working prototype from the wearers point of view? 

Steven W
Aug 16, 2018

Am I off base here? I am a backer. Is there a reason why we haven’t seen a video, or at least a picture of the working prototype in action, on, with lights and a visible screen?

Aug 17, 2018

I, too, remember seeing a still image showing the testing of the display (I remember the display showing numbers and either letters or symbols).


While I don't know what their reason is for not having a video showing the glasses functionally operating, I would also like to see it in action (framerates, transitions, message display, direction HUD, basic display, something that has been tested with the LaForge XD experiments). Even if it is in Alpha state, we can at least get an idea of how far things have gone. We have been able to see how far you've come since the beginning, but now I'd like to see where things currently are.


And to be clear, I'm not rushing for getting my hands on the glasses (I'm quite patient. Don't worry, I"m not asking when :P), but to see that the display operations within the glasses and the app show a loving embrace between software and hardware.

Shane Muncy
Aug 25, 2018

Well i mean in all honesty after getting my pre-order lock in glasses with the non powered phantom display lens i can see how it'd be really hard to capture the display on camera, cause i played around with them like holding my phone up to the side of the lenses and playing a video with a wide multitude of colors so i could see how well it displayed the colors, it works really well when you have the glasses on but when i did the same test when i didn't have them on you couldn't see hardly any color whatsoever in the display...

Adam DB
Aug 25, 2018

I would suggest an endoscope could handle it; you can get a low-quality one for next to nothing these days...

Shane Muncy
Aug 25, 2018

@Adam yeah probably idk exactly how it works or anything so couldn't say for sure, i just thought i'd throw my experience with it out there

Adam DB
Aug 25, 2018

@Shane Muncy Sure, no worries. Hey, you've got the glasses; mine are still in transit in LA...

Thomas F
Aug 28, 2018

After seeing the title of this post it made me both laugh and reaffirmed my dissapointed at the current state of things at Laforge. This is my second time chiming in (the first being on "Can we please get an update?") and it seems nothing really proactive has been done to remedy the situation surrounding Shima or the delays that have lasted close to a year now (in my case). Sure there were two Livestreams recently released in June and July (aptly named "Don't Ask When"... I wonder why) but neither showcased any functioning hardware or software and instead focused on the issues surrounding production and old prototypes (also not shown working).


I'm relatively new in terms of pre-ordering (pre-ordered last September) and have yet to lock-in; but at this stage I feel like I made the right choice as we still have no idea if these glasses even exist (or even function in a prototype stage). I hardly see why there's any excuse not showing us the glasses in working order; sure maybe they can't record the "phantom display" from the glasses themselves, but I don't see why a large 320x640 display (or whatever size it is) couldn't be connected to the same place the super small display is to show the glasses functioning with the software; or even have the software (which is linux based) run in some manner on a computer which must've engineered it.


I'm tired of having no proof to justify my purchase, It's been excuses since my day 1 (year 2 for several people) followed by apologies and reassurances to do better, but Laforge hasn't done anything (in my mind) that shows me any proof these glasses aren't just plastic with a mirror in the lens. Just get concussion guy on here showing us the glasses working and I'll be open to changing my mind.


Now, I'm not saying a concussion isn't a serious injury... but damn! That must've been some concussion.

Michael "Crates" McDade
Oct 29, 2018

Yeah, this makes a lot of sense to me as someone who has worked extensively with both hardware and software in the past. I can appreciate how someone might have difficulty photographing or taking video of highly-specialized, brand new, bleeding-edge hardware.


But, if I were in the position of those running the show over here, I'd be showing photos of the failed prototypes (if any existed)... the stuff that the manufacturers / suppliers had coming along so far... or if nothing else, as Thomas rightly pointed out, simply wire the optics to a much larger, traditional LCD display so we can see SOMETHING happening here.


I've backed a LOT of projects in the years I've been waiting to get updates on this one. Many of them were delayed. So far all of them have either sent me the finished product, or they are very imminently releasing it, and every single other one sent pictures of the manufacturing process to help everyone better understand the delays taking place and how each delay impacts the delivery timeline.


I'm really tentative about whether this product is actually on the way. It probably wouldn't take much to get everyone on the same page... maybe more transparency would be a better option than insisting we stop asking questions and that we should forfeit our right to a refund. Just my two cents.

Steven W
Sep 28, 2018

@corey, Have you been able to produce or are you in the process of producing a video of a working prototyp? I’m curious, as I’m sure others are about what was sent to the first customer. Which of the functions did it have? Was it a working rev? Are you able to contact them so they can provide feedback & video of their glasses? Thanks


Thomas F
Dec 16, 2018

Concussion guy is now Coma Guy.

Steven W
Dec 17, 2018Edited: Dec 17, 2018

I’m not sure there was a concussion guy. The last video we saw was Corey turning a light on. If there was a working prototype , I’m almost sure we would have seen it by now. I say almost sure, because some part of me still wants to believe I will receive something.

Feb 6

Came to the forums to post a question like this. Sad 2 months later and still nothing.

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