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Corey | Founder |
Jul 2

A quick look at alpha rev0.7


Edited: Jul 2

I'll provide more details in our next episode, which is coming up very soon.

These are early pre-production prototypes (so forgive some of the minor fitment issues).

Let me know your thoughts









Matthew B
Jul 3Edited: Jul 3

@Corey | Founder | Man....this revision is looking much cleaner, good job. Would love to see some picks of them being worn.


Do these have basic touch gesture functionality on the arm as well?


Also have you guys decide on a final lens type / technique? I remember back in the lock-in glasses discussions that you guys were trying a few different types and techniques for the lenses.

Corey | Founder |
Jul 4Edited: Jul 4

These have basic touch control but not gestures yet (we are taking baby steps in alpha). As for the lenses we have a pretty good idea of the direction we are going but a couple of European companies that specialize in 3D printed lenses want a shot at it so are going to evaluate that tech too. Last year the focus was more so on cost, but we are now looking at a second path that focuses on efficacy.


For example, right now, we have few different prototypes in development made to show a few different things to investors and members of the press. Over the past few years we had focused on cutting cost and improving aesthetics. This has lead to prototypes cost dropping from $15K in 2015 to about $5K in 2017 and now <$300 in 2019. With each iteration of alpha we have been adding more features from other prototypes into it.


By the end of the year our goal is to have two prototypes types running down two development tracks (this compares to 5 today: lens, AR optics, AI software, electronics, and frame). One type will go to customers as an alpha and will feature lens, AR optics, electronics, and frame. The other type will have lens, AR optics, AI software, electronics, and frame (this will be a limited production for press and demos).


Shortly after those alphas go out folks will receive a beta that features lens, camera optics, AI software, electronics, and frame. We will make more of the alphas that we mentioned for the press and put those in a "loaner pool" for pre-order customers to test and give feedback on.


I will go into more detail on this episode 8 (episode 7 has already been planned and will shoot in the coming days)


I hope this helps.

Dan Guy
Jul 3

These look pretty slick!


Is the thick bit at the end of the arms added weight to balance them better or do they contain additional components? Is there any discomfort wearing them for long periods with the bare metal section sitting on your ears?


How much do they weight? How thick are the lenses?


And most importantly: who gets a pair to try out? ^_^

Corey | Founder |
Jul 4Edited: Jul 4

The end tips at the end of the temples house IO ports (aux on the left, usb type-c on the right). See my notes below to Adam on comfort. I haven't weighed these yet but the lenses have CT of 2.5mm.


In terms of time frame, we're going to make one more iteration on these this month to improve fit and finish, then we are going to design molds for the plastic components. Our goal is for everyone to get one of these this year. In order to take pressure off the team, we are going to outsource the logistics and reverse logistics to one of our new manufacturing partners.

Adam DB
Jul 4

The frames are very nice; I'd prefer this front-design to the ones on offer so far...

I'll echo Dan's concern about the large end-bits on the arms and the thin metal over the ears; has this been tested for extended periods?

The phantom display on these has impurities/air bubbles just like my lock-in glasses. My experience is that this is quite distracting for the wearer, not to mention plain ugly. Hopefully this part of the production process will be fine tuned for retail versions...




Corey | Founder |
Jul 4Edited: Jul 4

The air bubbles won't be there. When we make prototypes we sometimes use what we have lying around to get them produced quickly. The new lenses don't have the bubbles in them. Since the process has been refined we can now just toss the ones with this defect. As for comfort (always a subjective thing), the final product will have a clear boot over the metal to increase comfort. That metal portion of the temple is about 1mm thick.

Adam DB
Jul 4

Sounds great! Can't wait for them to arrive! 😎👍

David L
Jul 8

I feel like this prototype is so much closer to what has been talked about in the past, visually, so good job! The arms with their "angles" appeal to me quite a bit - I'm glad to have that, as a completely traditional pair of glasses just wouldn't be as cool.


The front is definitely not my style, but I remember that you guys were proposing to have that be somewhat customizable. Are there still plans to have different "fronts" once production really gets rolling?

Corey | Founder |
Jul 8

Thanks David! Yes we will be having different frame fronts with common electronics and temples. I've been focusing the team on aesthetics and the overall product package. There will definitely be more styles; for now we will just show this one.

David L
Jul 11

@Corey | Founder | Cool! Understandable that you focus on one version for now.

Jul 23Edited: Jul 23

Good show!! I personally prefer rev0.6 design-aesthetic (partial to some block-style design - stoic, yet aggressive) - the incremental refinements are noticeable and appreciable. Question: Are there any [foreseeable] substantive changes to the OS, platform / infrastructural components as previously detailed (processor(s), BT-version, RFID, etc.)?



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