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Sep 2, 2017

A less personal product


There is a feature that should have this great product to cover a much wider market in non-consumer sectors. I mean the possibility that the same glasses can be used by different persons. Obviously, by people who do not have vision problems. There are sectors where there is a high turnover of personnel, for example, in the residential sector of the elderly, above all, in the professional category of auxiliaries. Precisely, this professional category is the one that can be seen very enhanced by the use of this technology. The auxiliaries can receive notifications of tasks to perform, contextual information, record the accomplishment of tasks, etc. The problem is that if the company buys glasses for auxiliaries and there is a high rate of staff drops, these glasses are obsolete and can not be used by another person. This is a big problem as it increases the cost considerably which causes it to not be an attractive option.

Kyle Luxenberger
Sep 13, 2017Edited: Sep 13, 2017

From what I get, this is not something intended for industrial use. This is a personal tech wearable like a smart watch would be. I'm sure, for the future, the company might have ideas for such a piece of hardware for the application you're suggesting. At this time tho, these are for personal use and not a sharable experience.

Steven W
Sep 13, 2017

There is an option to order glasses without a prescription. Wouldn't this allow anyone to use the glasses?

Kyle Luxenberger
Sep 13, 2017

No. Prescription is personalized but so is the pupillary distance that is requested for each order.

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