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Adam DB
Aug 6, 2017


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This has been asked before, but what is the degree of precision in placing the reflectors in the lenses? If I was to hand over the glasses to someone else for a test, how much of a difference in our physiognomy would it take to render the glasses useless?


And how do you handle the differences in peoples physiognomy, particularly the bridge of their noses, when creating the individual glasses? Some people have wide noses, some have flat noses, etc. And there's also the matter of habit; some people like to wear their glasses high on their nose, while others tend to wear them lower... If the tolerance is minimal, how do you handle these variables?

Adam DB
Aug 8, 2017

Let me broaden out my question a bit...


How sensitive are the glasses to pressure on the arms? The arms on normal glasses are flexible, so that they'll fit most head shapes and sizes; the arms can flex in or out several millimeters, if not centimeters. This seems like a much too wide margin if a tiny projector is trying to hit an even tinier reflector embedded in the lenses... Conversely, could the projector be fitted with a tiny mechanism to allow for miniscule adjustments?

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