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Corey | Founder |
Jun 8, 2017

Experiment 2: Lens distractions


(Experiment won't start until internal review of lens tech has ended) Pre-order holders will recieve eyewear for free, others are welcome to join experiment after they have paid for demo pair ($169).

Kyle Luxenberger
Jul 21, 2017Edited: Jul 21, 2017

For a little clarification. If we are able to participate in this experiment and have a pre-order, we get a free pair of demo glasses.

1) These glasses will have no tech in them, just the part in the lense that bends the light into the eye?

2) Will they also be in the frame model we pre-ordered? I ordered the Half & Half .

3) If we are to be getting Rev 2, we would get that edition or will the model glasses be Rev 1?

Dan Guy
Oct 6, 2017

Has this Experiment happened yet?

Johnnie Rice
Feb 7, 2018

Has there been an update on this experiment? I'm trying to find the SDK and such so that I can attempt to better understand the kits.

Brett Taylor
Mar 2, 2018

My (normal) glasses fell apart again today. Yet another half-blind superglue session. I can't wait for this experiment to happen.

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