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Corey | Founder |
Jun 8, 2017

A Mod for Runners



I'd like to get your thoughts on an idea for mod before I start designing the proposal.


I'm a runner and a Race Director for NeoEndurance. As a long-distance marathoner, I generally rely on my devices to tell me whether I'm maintaining pace, reaching my distance goals, or keeping to my cadence. My sports watch, for example, can sense my heart's beats per minute (BPM), which is important to runners who focus on reaching zones and staying within them.


The existing "Health" mod is good for active people who like to keep track of their steps. This is useless for runners who generally exceed over 10,000 steps in a single run.


I'd like to design a mod that allows the runner to see their progress (or lack thereof). It would require the need to enable GPS tracking location. Some other features:


- Using GPS tracking location to return a "half-way" point or other distance goals. ("You're half-way there. Keep it up.")

- Allow the runner to identify a location. Type in an address through the app, and let the mod give you directions (like the existing map mod). "Turn left." "Turn right." etc.

- Real-time pace tracker. This would let the runner know if their keeping pace. "8:45 / mi".

- Speed "3.2 mph"

- Distance covered "5.6 mi / Distance"

- Distance remaining "1.4 mi / Remaining"

- Calories burned.

- Motivating training coach that yells at you. "Pick up the pace!"

- History of runs that can help the runner compete with themselves using previous runs.



Patrick Campaign
Jun 15, 2017

I hope that the GPS function is within the glasses themselves, rather than using your smartphone GPS function. Perhaps have it potentially expand to take a photo/video with a simple innocuous verbal command, for those who need protection against erratic drivers or muggings.

Also, please have it possess a separate "cycling" function within that app! That's what my biggest admiration when testing the "Recon Jet" smartglasses.

Dan Guy
Jul 2, 2017

That sounds awesome!

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  • jim
    Apr 21, 2018

    Google Maps and Waze are quite good at vehicle navigation but my experience is they are difficult to use when walking. I'd like to get feedback on a mod that shows simple navigation arrows, distances to waypoints & landmarks, points of interest, and similar meta data in a format that makes sense while walking wearing the Shima glasses. The user would start the navigation app of their choice on their mobile device and the Walkabout companion app would redirect and reformat the navigation information for the Shima glasses display. Thoughts/feedback?
  • David L
    Feb 19, 2018

    What is the license that LAFORGE is attaching to the Mod simulator? The code is basically available via glitch at the moment, but I didn't see any indications on what license the code follows. (I'm looking to fix some issues, but I don't know if I'm able to share my results until I know the licensing.)
  • David L
    Jun 29, 2018

    I wanted to see if it was possible to clarify "The Rules" (https://www.socialflo.com/rules-standards) we've been given for mods. In my opinion, it's confusing to see rules like "No web browsers" and "No eReaders, PDF viewers, Spreadsheets, or similar", while also having the first example on the same page discuss how to "steal" an idea from a web page and make it more directly visible. I can certainly understand if LAFORGE doesn't want users to have their field of vision replaced with full screens of any kind, but I'm not understanding the rules as they are written. A few hypothetical examples of why I'm confused: - I create a Mod that displays an entire text file two lines at a time. Is this "an eReader" and therefore forbidden, or have I just "stolen" the ability to digest the text in its simplest form as the website praises? - I create a Mod that shows in real-time the title of the current web page being browsed on my phone. Is that a "web browser" or "mirroring" and against the rules? - I create a Mod that shows videos in only one pane, and at only half-size. The Rules only state "no fullscreen playback of videos", so is this Mod valid or not? These are just a few ideas off the top of my head that suggest further clarification of what Mods are really supposed to be. Could someone chime in with a better summary of what LAFORGE is looking for? Thanks!